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Ma*, Yuzhan; Fakhoury*, Sarah; Christensen*, Mike; Arnaoudova, Venera; Zogaan*, Waleed; Mirakhorli, Mehdi

Automatic Classification of Software Artifacts in Open-Source Applications (Inproceeding)

Proceedings of the Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR), pp. to appear, 2018.

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Fakhoury*, Sarah; Arnaoudova, Venera; Noiseux*, Cedric; Khomh, Foutse; Antoniol, Giuliano

Keep it simple: is deep learning good for linguistic smell detection? (Inproceeding)

Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering (SANER)—REproducibility Studies and NEgative Results (RENE) Track, 2018.

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Abebe, Surafel Lemma; Arnaoudova, Venera; Tonella, Paolo; Antoniol, Giuliano; Guéhéneuc, Yann-Gaël

Can Lexicon Bad Smells improve fault prediction? (Inproceeding)

Proceedings of the Working Conference on Reverse Engineering (WCRE), pp. 235–244, 2012.

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